Gentle Motion was started because I believe everyone should be treated as an individual.

But what is Gentle Motion really about?

Gentle Motion arose from a real need that I saw in people who wanted to stay active but had varying abilities. Gentle Motion gives you a place to start your wellness journey, regardless of your starting point or past experiences. No two people are the same, and Gentle Motion will create a program that is flexible, customizable, and effective to meet your individual needs.

Being active is not just the end result – it’s about your overall wellness.

My mission with Gentle Motion is to ensure each individual has the best possible wellness program and a fulfilling, pain-free life. Listening to individual needs is at the core of my work every day.

Consider two people, both hoping to lose 30lbs of fat: One is in their 60s, and recovering from knee surgery and the other is a 25 year old with no existing medical conditions. These people should NOT be given the same workout. My approach recognizes that two people might have the same goals, but require completely different programs.

My job isn’t to prevent you from exercise – it is to work with your doctor, physiotherapist, and other members of your health team to get safe and effective results.  Whether your goal is to feel stronger, recover from a surgery or child birth, or just feel healthier during the day, we would love to help!