Gentle Motion offers a range of injury rehab and prevention programs that are designed to speed up the recovery process, while at the same time getting you towards your fitness goals in a safe way. Whether you’ve suffered an injury in the past, struggle with joint pain, or want to prevent injury when exercising, Gentle Motion can help you towards your goal.

The Importance of Injury Recovery

Whether you’re a keen exerciser who is unable to workout while recovering from an injury, or rehab following surgery or a broken bone is stopping you from carrying out your normal day-to-day activities, it’s important to prioritize recovery and encourage your body to heal. An exercise plan specifically designed for YOUR needs can make a big difference.

Injury Recovery and Management

Before seeing a personal trainer or stretch therapist for an injury, it is always recommended that you visit your primary healthcare professional. They can rule out the need for medical care and provide the ‘all clear’ for you to begin an injury rehab and prevention program. The right program for you may include sessions with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or other healthcare professional, although you may also benefit from an exercise program, customized to address the specific injury being treated.

You should consider working with a personal trainer or stretch therapist if:

  • You have joint pain or other pain when completing “homework” exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist
  • You are unsure how to continue with injury rehab following discharge from physiotherapy
  • You want to focus on injury prevention and recovery, as well as building strength or losing weight

At Gentle Motion, we work alongside your own physiotherapist, doctor, or other healthcare professional to ensure that you’re not only getting the best care possible, but also that you’re undertaking the most effective and efficient injury rehab and prevention plan for you. We support you in achieving your goals.

Injury Rehab and Prevention Plans

Gentle Motion’s injury rehab and prevention plans are designed to deliver improved mobility, greater flexibility, and increase your range of motion, while also offering natural relief from the injury. Our workout plans help to strengthen your muscles and joints, without re-aggravating your injury.

Injury Prevention

As well as injury rehab and recovery, Gentle Motion also specializes in injury prevention, offering a range of tailored workouts that can help protect your joints from damage. According to Statistics Canada, one third of all injuries occur during sports or exercise, which suggests that many people are undertaking workouts that are beyond their ability, or even dangerous. Chat to one of our personal trainers or stretch therapists in Toronto today, to learn more about safe ways to keep fit.

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My dad had a hard time agreeing  to personal training, but now he is doing much better! He really enjoys the sessions and working with him has really improved his mobility. His walking has really improved! My sisters and I now refer to you as the Saints of Gentle Motion


Gentle Motion is exactly what my mother needed! She was very anxious in the beginning, but was laughing by the end of her first session. You knew exactly what to do and what muscles to manipulate


I just wanted to say thanks. My shoulder is actually without pain this afternoon. Our sessions have really done something


Six months ago I would never have imagined that I would transform my body, mind and spirit. I have achieved my goals, all of them, because of you.You have been a true blessing in my life