Becoming a healthier and stronger you doesn’t always mean making huge changes. Starting an intense workout routine or strict diet can often feel intimidating and discouraging when trying to make positive lifestyle choices. Instead, in this blog post we wanted to talk about a few small changes you can incorporate into your daily life that can drastically impact the way you feel without completely altering the way you live.

Taking the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Taking the stairs is an easy way to get your body moving without doing strenuous exercises right out the gate of your fitness journey. This can be in your office building, a shopping centre, or anywhere that you might be spending a fair amount of time. Your legs have some of the biggest muscles in your body, so moving them regularly is a great source of cardio. Using the stairs instead of an elevator, though it may not be initially noticeable, can provide major changes to your overall health and physical capabilities over time.

Being More Intentional with Grocery Shopping

It’s easy to stick to your regular grocery routine, especially if you are shopping for a family, but by being a bit more intentional with the foods you incorporate into your list you can slowly change your health for the better. Instead of regular yogurt, opt for Greek yogurt which has more protein and will keep you full for longer throughout the day. You can also make it a point to try a new fruit or vegetable with every grocery trip, broadening your palette and introducing more vitamins and minerals to your diet for overall physical and mental health.

Making Time for Stretches Throughout the Day

Sometimes, your physical abilities can come down to how often you stretch, whether or not you engage in exercise. Making some time in the mornings after waking up or in the evenings before bed to loosen your muscles can drastically alter the range of motion in your joints. Whether you’re playing with your kids or carrying in groceries from the car, you want to ensure that your muscles are able to extend the way you need them to and stretching is a simple way to keep them ready for any physical activities throughout your daily life.

Many of us can often fall victim to our hunger when we aren’t properly prepared for a busy day. If there’s only one small change you can make to your diet it should be preparing a few snacks to take with you to work so that you can stay satiated and energized throughout the day. Including foods with enough protein and fibre to keep you full will make a world of difference to your overall eating habits and your ability to stay physically active or to start a fitness journey.


In the end, the changes you ultimately make will be dependent on you, your goals and your lifestyle. If you aren’t sure about whether or not a specific change is worth doing, we would invite you to try it for two weeks. See if it is giving you the results that you want (feeling stronger, more energy, better sleep, less pain, etc.) and also if it is compatible with your lifestyle. If the answer to both of these is yes, it might be a change worth continuing longer term.

May 2020 be a happy and healthy year!