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Client Testimonials

Working with Moshe has been a truly enriching experience and something I have never experienced before. I have lived with Fibromyalgia for 17 years and have been through the gamete of personal trainers, therapists and other experts in attempt to manage my pain. Every experience has been a nightmare and I was very hesitant to work with Moshe. However, working with him has been a breath of fresh air. Moshe listens to my concerns and always validates my feelings. He makes me feel respected and heard and genuinely understands how every suggestion he makes can impact my pain. He is gentle and accommodating and never pressures me to push beyond what I feel comfortable. While I do have some pain after each session, the pain is less intense each time and for days after, I feel more flexible, stable and stronger. For me, what sets Moshe apart from other experts is that he truly believes in my lived experience. He makes me feel like I am not alone. I would recommend to anyone suffering from pain and mobility impairments to work with Moshe if they want a truly holistic experience.


I have been training with Moshe for the past 6 months . I have found him to be very knowledgeable and insightful in setting up a training schedule for me, mindful of my age [76 years old] and general physical condition. He always checks to see if I have any aches or pains before each session in the event that he has to alter some of our exercises. He has an engaging manner and a good sense of humour and would fit well with any potential client. Has he helped me? Most definitely. My overall strength, balance and flexibility have greatly improved. I hope to continue my training with Moshe and would recommend him to anyone seeking a personal trainer.


Moshe has been an awesome trainer. Exercise is not something I love to do but I know it is important to do for my health… I used to belong to different gyms and would do the classes and end up hurting my back and my knees. With Moshe it is great because it is very convenient and he brings all the equipment with him… the best part is that also he can work around your injuries and he lets you know if you are doing something wrong and where are you supposed to be feeling it.He also recommends what you should be eating and he focuses on stretching as well as not to injure yourself further.I look forward to seeing him 3 times a week and I feel a lot better now that I able to work out.


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Team of Certified Trainers

We take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch fitness training by maintaining a certified team of fitness trainers. Each member of our seniors training staff has undergone rigorous training programs and holds recognized certifications in fitness and exercise science.

Why Only uS?

 What if I want to get stronger, but don’t know how? What if I don’t have any equipment to use? There are several reasons to hire a personal trainer.  It can be such a frustrating experience when you are putting in time and effort into exercise and you are not getting the results that you want. Having a personal trainer guide you with a customized exercise program can help ensure that your efforts are not going to waste, and that you can feel like you are working towards your goals! Exercise classes for Seniors, customized based on each individual requirements and goals

Customized Senior's Health Programs

Customized senior’s health programs refer to tailored health and wellness initiatives designed specifically for elderly individuals to address their unique needs and challenges. Our program aim to enhance the overall well-being of seniors by addressing physical, mental, and social aspects of health. The customization takes into account factors such as age, existing medical conditions, lifestyle, and personal preferences, ensuring a holistic and personalized approach to senior care


We Trained Over 1000+ Senior Citizen across Toronto, GTA & BARRIE

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The Importance of Senior’s Health and Fitness

Staying active is hugely important for both mental and physical health, especially as we age. Our in-home personal trainers are experts in addressing reduced bone density, a natural part of the aging process that can affect your strength and increase the risk of injury.

How Is Senior Training Different

There are many issues which come up as we age that need to be addressed. These issues may include:

Maintaining Muscle/ Strength – Our in-home personal trainers are skilled in counteracting the muscle loss that occurs with aging, helping you maintain strength and vitality. .

Balance – Our in-home training programs focus on reducing the risk of falls, a significant concern for those aged 65+..

Mobility/ Flexibility – Our personal trainers tailor exercises to improve mobility and flexibility, making daily activities more accessible and reducing injury risks

Lifestyle Factors – Our in-home trainers design exercise programs that enhance your ability to enjoy activities like traveling, gardening, and golfing, enriching your lifestyle

A good exercise program focusing on your needs can help you live a healthy life, doing the activities you enjoy doing most!

How Senior Training with an In-Home Trainer Is Different?

Gentle Motion’s in-home personal trainers understand the unique fitness needs of seniors. Our programs are designed to maintain muscle strength, enhance balance, improve mobility and flexibility, and support the lifestyle activities you love. With our in-home personal trainers, you can live a healthier life, fully enjoying your favorite activities.

Choose Gentle Motion for your in-home personal training needs, where our dedicated personal trainers bring customized, effective fitness programs right to your home, tailored specifically for seniors in the Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, and Barrie

Senior Trainer Rates

Our trainers have worked with a wide range of medical conditions and fitness levels and we bring a wealth of experience to all of our clients. We incorporate different training styles for different conditions including Fascial Stretch Therapy, Functional Movement Training or Strength and Conditioning. We are known for our knowledge, enthusiasm and customized programs that help optimize results.

# of Sessions45 Minutes60 MinutesCouple Training (1hr)
1-4$115 + HST $150 + HST$210 + HST
5-14$110 + HST$145 + HST$200 + HST
15-24$105 + HST$140 + HST$195 + HST
29-49$95 + HST$130 + HST$180 + HST
50+$90 + HST$120 + HST$160 + HST

Our Team

Moshe Schwartz – Owner and Senior Trainer

Moshe has been interested in fitness and nutrition from an early age, having been active in his local sports community as a child. Following 5 years in the corporate world, Moshe longed for his days playing baseball, volleyball, and basketball, and made the leap to a career in fitness. Moshe studied to become a certified personal trainer in Toronto and has never looked back, continuing to train in all aspects of nutrition, stretch therapy, and injury recovery. Gentle Motion was launched as Moshe identified a significant gap in the market for fun, interactive, and challenging workouts which could be accessed by anyone, regardless of their current health or ability. When not creating gentle workout routines, Moshe can be found playing Sudoku, reading, and spending time with his wife and daughters.

Karina Milech – Personal Trainer

Karina joins the Gentle Motion team from an actor/creator background. However, with a firm interest in social work, and having worked in the field for many years, Karina has always been passionate about improving access to necessary services for vulnerable people, and those who need a little guidance and support. Fitness has always been a big part of Karina’s life, from her days cheerleading at Dawson College, through to kickboxing sessions in her own living room. She trained with her L.A. mentor, HASFIT Founder Coach Kozak, to become a valued member of the Gentle Motion team. Still firmly in love with the arts, Karina can be found teaching drama in her spare time, or jamming away on her guitar. To learn more about Karina, and about fitness, be sure to check out her very own YouTube channel, KarinaEM.

Tania Berlin – Senior Trainer

Tania Berlin is a personal trainer with over 15 years of experience. Trained and certified as a Physiotherapist in Chile and Israel, her certifications include Zumba and Barre in individual class and group settings. Her passion is to offer safe fitness programs based on individual needs and capabilities.

Tania joined the Gentle Motion team in 2017 and is always giving each client what they need, while making sure the training experience is exciting, engaging, safe and transformative through the power of exercise & movement.

The ultimate goal of her customized programs is client’s health, wellness and quality of life based on functional training, combining diverse training techniques & tools to motivate, engage & improve range of movement, strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic capacity.

Tania is a wife and mother of 3 children, so she knows how a busy lifestyle looks like!

Her cheerful demeanor and South American “flare” will make each session fun & entertaining. Tania believes that exercise is about celebrating your own capabilities and never a punishment!!!

Rhonda Schryver – Personal Trainer

Rhonda has been working as a certified personal trainer since 2007. She decided to become a personal trainer after changing her own lifestyle 18 years ago, after the birth of her son. She made the decision to live a healthier life, to lose the baby weight and to become stronger. This change in herself motivated her to spread her enthusiasm and knowledge to others. She has trained all different clients: seniors, teenagers, couples, small groups, new mothers, and others. Her main goal is to improve the health of her clients, reducing risk of injury and making everyday movements easier.

Alesia – Personal Trainer

Hello! I’m Alesia, your dedicated Fitness and Nutrition Coach. With a passion deeply rooted in 20 years of experience, I’m thrilled to share my journey towards healthy living and to assist you in achieving total well-being through a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness.

My life’s work revolves around mastering the essentials of optimal health, and now, I’m eager to embark on this transformative journey with you. I firmly believe in the incredible impact that a balanced and wholesome lifestyle can have on everyone, and I’m here to ensure you experience this profound joy and fulfillment.

Embrace your fitness journey with me, and watch as it positively transforms not only your life but also the lives of your loved ones. Challenges may arise, but together, we can navigate them with ease.

Join me in diverse practices like yoga, stretching, full body strength training, cardio, boxing, and developing mental resilience and stability.

Let’s unlock the extraordinary potential within you – I believe in the Power of You!

Area of Service – Yonge and Eglinton, midtown Toronto

Valerie – Senior Trainer

As a certified Holistic Practitioner, Health & Wellness Expert, and Personal Trainer for over 30 years I specialize in teaching others how to use fitness as a tool to access their calmest and most empowered states of mind and body.

As a survivor of circumstances that felt far beyond my control, it took me nearly 20 years of debilitating back pain to discover the hidden connection between our emotional and physical bodies –I’m living proof that the stories we tell ourselves can either support or cripple us.

I mentor and counsel people who are exhausted from “living a life they never asked for”, providing a guiding light that reignites the parts of them that feel seen, heard, and valued in a judgement free space.

You are not alone in this journey.

Engaging in the Flow state has allowed me to personally meld with the present moment (free from the past) and be open to creativity, imagination, and wisdom rather than chasing goals or a specific result. For me, that meant leaving a 10-year relationship with domestic violence; holding my abusers accountable; finding love; losing love; loving myself; discovering myself; creating a new career; and raising an awesome teenage musician.

We do not control our lives we simply ride the flow wave of our lives. We get ourselves tuned up with the frequency of our surroundings while establishing a crucial anchored sensation – the flow. This is the natural rhythm essential for elevating and achieving a deeper intensity.

Simply implementing “The Flow” practice into my life allowed me to gain confidence, increase my energy, improve my sleep and improve my overall health!

I hope to help you on your journey as well!

Service Areas: across the GTA